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CEO Allan Thorvaldsen

Allan’s combined 20-plus-years experience in shipping and IT served him well as MSP SoftCom Solutions ApS and SoftScan ApS co-founder. SoftScan was subsequently sold to Symantec in 2009. Allan’s entrepreneurial spirit proved useful when he worked in direct and channel sales throughout Northern Europe. Allan also is a seasoned business developer within Software-as-a-Serivce (SaaS), and he was behind Denmark’s first online auction service in 1998. His extensive background helped pave the way to co-founding Panorama9 where he oversees the marketing and communications functions. Allan met Panorama9’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Diego d'Ambra during high school in Copenhagen, and the two are still friends and partners more than two decades later. Allan loves spending time with friends and family when he’s not working with the tremendous Panorama9 team.

CTO Diego d'Ambra

Diego is the former chief architect and co-founder of SoftCom Solutions ApS and SoftScan ApS. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, and he has worked in IT for more than 15 years as a developer and chief architect on projects for both SoftCom Solutions and SoftScan. Diego also was the sole inventor of the much-touted, SoftScan hosted e-mail scanning service. Having worked with computers his whole life, Diego’s a real avatar and thinks he should have been born as a computer.

Chairman of the Board Claus Mathisen

Claus has expansive experience working with start-ups, being in business development, taking part in strategic planning, and dealing with commercial strategies as well as promoting mergers and acquisitions (M&A), among other arenas. He was on the Softscan ApS board and also has acted as an advisor to numerous start-ups in Denmark and London. Claus’ prior experience includes: principal at The Boston Consulting Group, Denmark; associate of M&A, J.P. Morgan, Denmark; and director of the broadband venture, Tripledash, United Kingdom. Claus currently manages his own co-founded venture, Pelican Self Storage, a newly founded European Self Storage platform with more than $100 million in financial backing from a U.S. pension fund.

Cloud-based IT Overview

Downtime is never acceptable. The Panorama9 Dashboard foresees and solves the issues at hand before a problem occurs. Panorama9 is easy to use, takes one minute to install, and we don't keep pricing a secret.