How it works


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  • 5 minute setup (back-end is cloud-based)

Information analysis in the cloud

Panorama9 is a cloud-based, IT management platform bundled into a single dashboard to show you everything about your company’s assets, IT availability, security vulnerabilities, and non-compliant systems. Your organization can cut its IT costs through improved uptime without having an infrastructure to deploy or manage.

The Panorama9 system will gather information from two vital sources – through locally installed agents on your computers as well as by external testing completed via Panorama9’s cloud-based system. The Panorama9 installed agent is a small application (about 2 Mb) that will run silently in the background using nearly zero resources as it collects data from your designated workstations, laptops, and servers.

The Panorama9 system will garner information about your company’s:

  • Hardware type and status
  • Software installed and usage
  • Network statistics and usage
  • Logged-in users

The accumulated information is immediately encrypted and sent to Panorama9 where the agent and Panorama9's cloud-based system validates each other prior to exchanging data. The Panorama9 cloud-based system will only receive information when needed e.g. a full list of installed software or just the difference since last posting, resulting in a few Kb of network bandwidth that’s used.

The collected statistics are then analyzed by Panorama9’s expert system to quickly spot issues, calculate inventory status and track usage statistics.

The resource intensive data collection process is done by Panorama9's cloud-based system without putting extra strain on your company’s network. If an issue is detected the system alerts you through the Panorama9 web portal, an email or mobile phone text message. You will receive another status message once the issue is fixed.

Here is an example of amassed data, using a monitored computer's BIOS, sent by the Panorama9 agent:

  "BIOS": [ 
      "Description": "PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0     ", 
      "Manufacturer": "Phoenix Technologies LTD", 
      "Name": "PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0     ", 
      "SerialNumber": "VMware-56 4d ff cd 48 c8 f3 74-68 8d e0 c2 b9 c4 73 44", 
      "Version": "INTEL  - 6040000" 

Cloud-based IT Overview

Downtime is never acceptable. The Panorama9 Dashboard foresees and solves the issues at hand before a problem occurs. Panorama9 is easy to use, takes one minute to install, and we don't keep pricing a secret.